Tax advice

We are specialists in proactive international taxation and law.

At Ilia Consulting, we specialise in international taxation and law. We are part of the ETL Global international network, along with more than 1,000 professional offices around the world.

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We have a team of more than 50 professionals dedicated to tax, legal, labour and accounting advice. Our size allows us to specialise in different areas of business. We have groups of consultants specialising in different taxes, areas of business and countries.

We teach and receive training at universities, business schools and professional colleges. Our team and clients are constantly kept up to date with new developments and legislative reinterpretations.

Proactive tax advice and planning

At Ilia Consulting, we proactively manage our clients’ tax and legal affairs, without us needing to be prompted and years before they start receiving any fines or penalties due to poor planning. Our main areas of expertise are taxation, tax optimisation, tax savings and tax planning for companies and individuals.

We do not just cover the legal and tax needs of our clients; it is one of our principles to also provide value. Through proper tax planning, we save our clients hundreds of thousands of euros. We use all legal means to minimise tax burdens through approaches such as the application of tax deductions, company incorporation and the creation of corporate structures. We consider tax optimisation to be one of our fundamental values.

At Ilia Consulting, we enjoy providing tax advice and firmly believe that we truly do add value through our services. Your tax consultant will not just make sure that your company is up to date with its tax payments and its relationship with the Treasury but will also do everything legally possible to ensure that you pay less tax.

Greater tax savings

We reduce tax burdens as much as possible through proper tax planning and by applying all the legally permitted deductions. We proactively make the necessary suggestions to generate the greatest tax savings.


Tax preparation
and filing

Through tax advice, preparation, reviews, optimisation and filing, we minimise tax burdens in accordance with the current legislative framework. We avoid any penalties and errors through meticulous supervision and a policy of internal reviews.

All our services are financially guaranteed; if we generate a financial loss for a client, we pay it immediately.

All thanks to a group of advisors organised by specialism to ensure proper compliance with tax obligations.

Some of our tax advisory services include:
  • Tax planning services.
  • Accounting reviews and filing taxes.
  • Corporate Tax (Form 200) preparation and filing.
  • Income and Estate Declaration (Forms 100 and 714) preparation and filing.
  • Income Declaration for Non-Residents (Form 150) preparation and filing.
  • Declaration of Assets Abroad (Form 720) preparation and filing.
  • Form D6 (Listed Securities. Declaration of Foreign Investments) preparation and filing.
  • ETE Form preparation and filing.
  • Form 840 (Economic Activities Tax) preparation and filing.
  • Inheritance and Donations Tax (ISD) calculation, preparation and filing.
  • Tax analysis.
  • Tax simulations.
  • Tax optimisation for the remuneration of partners or directors.
  • Tax optimisation of company structures.