Who we are

Experts in tax and legal advice, specialising in international taxation. We put the client at the heart of our decisions, using and developing the best technologies.

Asesoria Fiscal | Ilia Consulting

Our team is made up of more than 60 professionals, several of whom have become leaders in their fields.

This has been possible thanks to the collaboration of various firms, some of them with more than 40 years of experience in the sector.

We are part of ETL Global, an international group of more than 1,000 professional offices with a presence in more than 50 countries.

We have more than 100 offices in Spain and are the 7th largest company in terms of turnover according to the professional services rankings of the newspaper Expansión.

Asesoria Fiscal | Ilia Consulting

Somos parte de ETL Global, un grupo internacional de más de 1.000 despachos profesionales con presencia en más de 50 países.

En España contamos con más de 100 despachos y somos la 7º empresa en volumen de facturación según el ranking de servicios profesionales del diario Expansión.

Much more than a consultancy

We are the gold standard in accounting automation systems, digital marketing for professional offices and internal process automation. In all these areas, we provide consulting services to other tax consultancies and firms that ask us to help them improve their operations.


Our clients

We focus on SMEs, and we specialise in tax and legal advice, especially with regard to international taxation. We have major clients such as Mediapro, EuroLeague, Liga ACB, Cloudways, Edpuzzle, Haya Real Estate, Sodexo, Media Base and Lanai Partners, among others.

We have a significant presence in sectors such as sport, start-ups, catering and real estate.

We are the consultant of other consultancies. In addition to providing services to our more than 1,000 clients, we assist other consultancies and agencies with issues that require high levels of knowledge or experience.

Our services

We provide professional services to companies and individuals, especially in the tax, legal, accounting and labour areas. We have services such as the registration of trademarks and patents, data protection law, insurance, recoveries, digital marketing and web design. All this with both national and international coverage.

We are proud to have a client abandonment rate of just 2%, practically non-existent.

Our services are driven by ethics and common sense. We offer a high-quality service that provides value to the client.

Find the service you’re looking for

We offer high-quality services at reasonable prices. Our goal is not to be the most affordable but to offer the best possible service.


  • To provide tax, legal, accounting and labour consultancy services, focusing on international taxation
  • To put the client at the heart of all our decisions and providing value to establish lasting relationships.
  • To work tirelessly to proactively advise and assist our clients.
  • To incorporate technology as a cross-cutting element to facilitate and modernise our work.
  • To continuously improve our work so everything can be done better.
  • To listen to and guide clients.
  • We may lose a customer because of our price but never because of our service. This is one of our principles as we try to provide a very high-quality service with added value. We dedicate time and effort to each and every one of our clients, and this comes at a price.


  • To continue building a leading business venture in Spain within the tax and legal consultancy sector. We are fortunately and justly ranked among the best tax consultancy firms in Spain, both in terms of size and quality of service. We intend to continue being a reference for other consultancies that ask us for help in implementing the working methods we have developed.
  • In 10 years, we have gone from being a small local agency to leading one of the most important business ventures in Spain. We could never have imagined this and we are sure that, if we continue to work as we have done, the future will be even better.
  • To be a point of reference in accounting automation processes, the digitalisation of professional offices and online marketing for professional offices and companies. To democratise accounting subcontracting based on automation to reduce our clients’ expenses.


  • Not only do we commit ourselves to advise all our clients within the current legislation, but we also consider business ethics to be an essential value. At Ilia Consulting, we believe that ethics and responsibility are the only ways of achieving a sustainable relationship over time.
  • We are partners of Unicef and participate proactively in other CSR related matters. We are committed to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Internal client: Our team is our most valuable asset. We apply and develop fluid, flexible, understanding and non-financial compensation measures. Our entire team chooses their schedules and holidays. We encourage remote working, offer training and development plans and a day off for birthdays.

Our offices, at your disposal

We have more than 4,500 m2 of office space in the centre of Barcelona, which we put at your disposal for any business or meeting you may have and where you will always receive a warm welcome.

A team focused on the client

Our departments work as a coordinated team focused on offering the best service to our clients.